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    IBM的電視廣告 Help Desk CF
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ON Demand Business CF on Web

Recently I saw the IBMs' Help Desk serial CF on TV. It's the one of the best commercial ADs. They used senarios to tell the targeted persons each simple story for the certain prospective case. The scen emphasises the main idea which is 'The IBM's solution is something which can impact, be worthly invested, cost less, make it more'.

The sofeware is not like normal product, it has no shape even no weight, it's hard to tell how smart the software it is. If you try to get them a lots of charts and statics to prove them how effective the system it is, you must prepare to the result. As same as we were at the boring classroom.

Options, Solutions is the most words uesed on demand business while the IT company serve the clients. These clients know what they need and how they can achieve. Before they were the clients, the scenario is more persuasive.

You want to drink a barrel of milk, ask the IBM.
Cups of milk, tea or coffe, Talk to the areA Web Tech.

IBM的電視廣告 Help Desk CF
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