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You should have Webadministrator's ID First.

  • Go to your homepage, click the text-url link 網路名片, (it's icard in english)
  • then it directs you to the icard's page,click the text-url link 網路名片(管理, (icard(manage) in english)

    while you login then it will direct you to this page .
    There is two parts:
  • Part one:one line with the text-urls on the top,

    in english: upload, express the column, member accounts and addressbook, sales, find,

  • Part two:one form below.

    edit your icard

    單位名稱 (Title)
    任務說明 (Task of the website in one sentence)
    網站位置 (Another url of your website)
    登錄類別 (rigister the category and make it classify under the system)
    名片交換 (add icard's areacode)
    電子郵件 (administrator's email)
    照片圖址 (the picture's url)
    詳細(建議三~五行為宜) (your business in brief 3~5 lines is better, it's up to you)

    the part two will be very important, because it will display the your inputting words on top of the homepage, and show the main message at each page.
    you can push the button below this page while you finish filling the data here.

Edit your icard
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Be a Administrator please Login your website at the very first time (2311)
login your member-account (1296)
To Express your column (1219)
To publish the information for your product (503)
• at001: 操作光碟-智慧型網站 (81)
• as995: 【評估】4.(圖、文)預備數位化的資料 (31)
• at997: 智慧型用戶委託設計 (27)
• as995: 實體商店、店的e化 (25)
• ab003: e化 您的事業 (23)
• ab003: Alexa排名比較,效能比較 (23)
KH.1. Accounts and Login (1299)
• ab003: 桃園縣工商企業 e化 (37)
• as999: 智慧型系統程式組-元件擴充單價 (25)
• as207: as207自動建站系統方案軟體使用費 (10)
• ab201: 微型網站代建設計-MS113 (4)
• as999: *upload 圖片上傳 (1)


login , 網路名片 , 圖片 , 上傳 , Mail , iCard , upload , web , areA , 服務 , 管理 ,

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    Edit your icard
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