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There are more and more strange words and termiology today like ......CAD PDM ERP CRM....while a manager like you attemp to apply the e tools.

No time to be confused...Make the First Thing First!
We want to make the solution simple and smart for our clients, let's just take it as four parts: Business, Relation, Information, Management, to build the basement of your platform.
Will these make it a little bit easier?

Look at these:

Computer Assistance Design(CAD)
CAD=Business + Relation + Information + Management.

Product Data Management (PDM)
PDM=Business + Relation + Information + Management.

Enterprise Resource Program (ERP)
ERP=Business + Relation + Information + Management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
CRM=Business + Relation + Information + Management.

Aren't they?
The right four ones which can be combined with anyone to bring out much more THING than these.
The Concept and the Application of CAD,PDM,ERP,CRM are very important!
But they should come after Business, Relation, Information and Management while you really want the real THING you need.

business, relation, information, management, All for one solution on All-in-one WWW site-building system.

It can easily publish 1500 more Dynamic Pages with each 7 database-applications, includes the pages of Service Center.

600 Pages online to be called for the users.

Each icard-owner can do:
Express 10 columns
Build 10 Products
10 Membership Authorization to use with member's right.
and more and more.

Service Center
Make it as Content site

Account Center
Account management of iCard
12 icard-accounts:
4 NA-Administrators can authorize 3 icard-accounts each NA Dep..

Most Popular Information Guide
Streaming real time hits at our site, sort by counts.
The icard's owner, Lelouis Dep. and Service administrators will receive Auto-ENS e-mail Report:Visiting Report!

Just use to feel easily.
Just manage to find it shiftly.

ENS bring you the latest information to control.
Service Center operate all public infomation and sort them systematically.
Authorization Management make you at the high position to work more effective.

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